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In connection with the continuing difficult situation in neighboring Afghanistan, in response to requests from foreign partners, as well as in the spirit of adherence to the principles of international humanitarian law, the Republic of Uzbekistan is closely cooperating with a number of foreign states on the evacuation of their citizens from Afghanistan.

Currently, joint efforts are being made with such states as Germany, Russia, USA, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Kazakhstan with the provision of services for the use of airport infrastructure, permits for flying through the airspace, takeoff and landing, provision of the necessary technical and logistic assistance.

Coordinated work was ensured together with foreign partners on the orderly evacuation from Afghanistan and transit through the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, both citizens of foreign states and citizens of Afghanistan sent to previously agreed countries.

Over the past few days, 1982 citizens of foreign countries have been evacuated through the territory of Uzbekistan.

During a short-term stay on the territory of Uzbekistan, the evacuees are provided with all the necessary assistance in compliance with strict quarantine measures, after which they are all sent to the countries of destination without delay.

In addition, a lot of work was also done with representatives of the Taliban Movement to obtain security guarantees for the citizens of Afghanistan, who illegally crossed the Uzbek-Afghan border during these dramatic days.

As a result of agreements reached with representatives of the Taliban leadership to prevent any measures of violence, persecution against this category of persons, 150 Afghan citizens were returned to their homeland by their own free will.

According to the information received from the citizens who returned to Afghanistan, after the necessary formal procedural measures which were taken in their regard, they were all allowed to go home, and are now in complete safety with their families.—30159